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What we do


Simultaneous interpreting for conferences, telephonic interpreting. We translate contracts, business and financial documents, marketing material and everything related to IT. Our specialties cover everything from drillship operation and maintenance manuals to website localization. We transcribe and translate presentations and recorded interviews. We can edit imperfect English or Portuguese and produce a practice recording, for a native-quality speech or presentation. We bid on representative samples of what you want translated, delivered on electronic media.

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J Henry is a US federal court interpreter experienced in simultaneous conference and seminar work. We have our own equipment (transmitters and receivers) for interpreting business meetings of up to 20 participants. To quickly reach an understanding with overseas clients and contacts, telephonic interpreting is a fast and cost-effective option.

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Certified translations


Certified public or sworn translations are produced by a licensed public translator, sometimes referred to as sworn translators. The official title for someone licensed in at least one foreign language and Portuguese is Public Translator and Business Interpreter. These professionals pass an examination to be listed with the Business Registry for the state in which they reside. Thelma Sabim is in charge of that.

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J Henry offers a pronunciation coaching service to give your speech or business presentation native fluency. Call or send in a digital recording for evaluation by a professional interpreter and native speaker of English.

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